Sometimes the best way to make profit is to stop working.

I think there’s a good chance you read the opening statement at least twice. What do I mean? Let me explain with a story.

A good friend of mine owns a business that builds custom cabinets for people. A skilled woodworker, my friend was able to build these cabinets in a pretty decent amount of time. However, he ended up working longer and harder due to the finishing/painting part of the process. Sometimes, it took my friend several times to get the finish right, and it was taking him DAYS of incredibly stressful work to get it done.

Rather than continuing an incredibly stressful task, my friend simply paid a skilled finisher to apply the finish to his cabinets. My friend now had more time to focus on building his cabinets, and ended up making more money as a result

The same principle is true in online business. You may be a very skilled writer, but the tech or design may be killing your gains. Don’t slow down your business, invest in it by paying skilled professionals who can do the work for you!

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