Some of you may be familiar with the Gaming chat App Discord. In the app, users can create and join chat servers dedicated to a variety of topics.

While most servers are set up around certain interests and communities, one particular server named Paypal Rewards (400+ members) claims to pay members for inviting others to their server. At first glance it would seem to be a great way to make money online, as the payouts begin at $25 for referring 10 people.


To see if this server was legit, I decided to test it out. I worked my way up into the 25+ invites tier ($80 dollar payout according to the server), and then asked the staff how to collect my money. Without warning, I was banned by the server owner for “spamming” and mentioning him with a notification. I was never paid my money. Using an alternate account, I returned to the server and found that the moderators banned and deleted all messages that seemed to indicate that the server was a scam, as well as monetary requests.

Don’t waste your time referring people to the Paypal Rewards ( ) discord. You will not receive any money. The only thing I received was a “Captain inviter” role.

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Conclusion: SCAM