I’m pretty everyone reading this has encountered captchas online. You know, those things that are supposed to prove you are human? Well, turns out you can make money solving captchas using a site called 2captcha.com! The money is sent using a variety of payment options such as payza, webmoney, bitcoin, payeer, and many more.

This is great if you happen to be somebody who likes doing captchas or wants to understand how they work. However, since anybody with a brain can do this, you won’t be earning a whole lot. The rates will probably be in the range of 45 cents to a dollar per thousand captchas. So definitely not much at all.

In general, I don’t really recommend using 2captcha.com to earn money online unless you want to know more about how captchas work, you like solving captchas or puzzles, or you join their referral program. Their referral program pays you a commission if you refer people to their site through a special link they give you. You may get some money from this, but I am guessing you won’t be paid much more than the people you end up referring. It will probably pay more than solving captchas directly, however.

If you are trying to earn serious money online, I do not recommend using 2captcha.com. Instead, check out the following articles for more profitable ways of earning money online:

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