Many discord servers claim to offer Paypal money for inviting other users on discord.

However, many of they only pay to some users, or end up a scam like this server.

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I was recently paid $0.10 just to join a rewards server by somebody who wanted to boost his invites.


You can also receive money to do other simple tasks such as:

-Comment on blog posts

-Follow someone on Instagram

-Download an app

-Subscribe to someone on Youtube

and more! Please be smart about what tasks you choose, and don’t complete any tasks that you are suspicious of, especially when visiting unknown websites.

Also be aware that you probably won’t be paid a ton of money for doing these tasks. You will probably make between 10-20 cents on most of these jobs, although ongoing jobs can bring a lot more and guarantee tasks over a longer period of time. Ongoing jobs include:

-Writing small articles

-Commenting the same message on various blog posts over a period of time

-Helping people with marketing

as well as several other tasks that pay per month.

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You can also make money joining Discord servers using the social media platform Reddit.

The Subreddit /r/signupsforpay is a platform used by people to generate signups for their referral links. You will often see people advertising their discord links for Paypal money as well.

I recommending subscribing to /r/signupsforpay in order to receive notifications about any new paid signup offers. Again, you will not earn much for each join.

Sometimes, you will only earn 10-20 cents per join.

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Other ways to make money online

While working on GPT sites can be a great way to make some extra money online, you will not be able to make a full-time income working on these sites.

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