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On SloganSlingers, you can run a slogan contest for a prize of minimum $50. Hundreds of competitors will churn out advertising slogans and taglines during the contest period. At the end, you can choose the best slogan and award your prize of $50 to the slogan you choose.

Thinking up slogans can be time consuming and frustrating. Sometimes, it can be extremely difficult to think up reasonable slogans, let alone catchy, memorable ones. However, Slogan Slingers allows you to get their members to do all the hard work for you! Chances are, you will receive at least 1000 Slogans when the contest has ended.


Having a good slogan is important for your business. According to the front page of SloganSlingers.com, 84% of consumers consider a company slogan to be essential for credibility. They also say that “Research from Harvard Business Review shows that consumers will spend almost 30% more if a slogan is effective.”

With this in mind, you probably want to dedicate some of your resources to getting a good slogan for your business. However, I suggest you forgo the mental agony of thinking up slogans yourself and invest in a way to get others do most of the thinking for you.

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