Engageme.tv and their sister site, Smores.tv, have just released a new update that prohibits their videos from playing unless they are the active window or tab on your device.

The update has affected many people who earn passive income by running videos on GPT sites. Due to this update, the user must be actively watching the video or have the video playing on a screen to earn points.

Due to this update, many people have been looking for alternatives on Reddit and other social media. I suggest checking out the following sites for alternate ways to earn money with passive videos.


Swagbucks often pays even higher rates for their videos compared to Engageme.tv sites, depending on the playlist. You can play their videos without having them in an active window. You may, however, experience a few glitches while viewing. You must have between $3 and $5 minimum to cash out to a gift card.


Most of the videos on Inboxdollars.com also are playable without having an active window from my experience. They have a wide array of categories to view, however. They have a cashout minimum of $30.

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