99% of all online shoppers are spending more than they should.

Online retailers like Amazon, Newegg, Overstock, Walmart, and Target are all competing for customers, and are willing to pay partners to get traffic coming their way so they can make sales.

One of these partners is Ebates.com. Ebates gives you back a percentage of every purchase you make on Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers through their partner links.


The percentage varies, ranging from 1-10% for most purchases (Although some offers can reach 20-30% as well). When logged in, your cashback balance will be displayed in the top right corner of the site.

When you sign up to Ebates.com through a referral link and spend $25 or more through their partner links, you receive a $10 bonus! On signup, you can choose to receive the bonus as a Walmart Gift Card or simply have it added to your Ebates balance. You must spend the $25 within 90 days of joining.


Ebates.com pays its users their money every 4 months by sending a check in the mail or through Paypal. However, your total must be $5.01 or more to get your payout. If your total is lower than $5.01, then your amount is carried on to the next payday.

If you want to spend less money next time you shop online, join Ebates by clicking the button below!Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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