Who wouldn’t like to get paid to search the web? How could earning money online get any easier? And why would anyone pay someone to search the web?

Various sites are willing to pay their members to search the web in 2019 for the purposes of advertisement or site engagement. They do this in the hope that some of their users will click these advertisements or engage with other features of their site.

In light of this, most sites punish users who spam or enter gibberish to get extra cash. To ensure maximum earnings, I recommend searching as naturally as possible or using one or more of these options as your default search engine.

While a single site will not be paying you a lot of money, using multiple sites can get you some decent side income in 2019. Read the list below to check out the top seven best sites that pay you to search the web!

1. Swagbucks.com

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Swagbucks.com is one of the largest GPT (Get Paid To) sites in business! They feature a wide variety of ways to make money online, such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and of course searching the web!

To start getting paid to search with Swagbucks, you first need to create an account. Once complete, navigate to the search bar in the top left portion of your account screen and begin searching!

swagbucks screenshot search

The Swagbucks search engine is powered by Yahoo; the results look the same as Yahoo results with a few extra ads. Swagbucks will reward random searches with certain amounts of Swagbucks, or SB. Each SB equals $0.01. You can redeem SB for a gift card of your choice, donate your SB to charity, or even exchange them for Paypal cash!

You will be notified of your search reward by a banner at the top of your search screen. To receive your reward, you will also have to solve a simple captcha to prove that you are human. I typically earn between 4-12 SB per rewarded search, but I have received higher amounts such as 26 or 50 SB on occasion.


To maximize your earnings, I suggest you use their search feature like a regular search engine. Make sure to click on the results. Also, if you try to search gibberish or search too fast, the Swagbucks algorithm will punish you by giving you fewer or smaller rewards.

If you make Swagbucks your default search engine, you will have a greater chance to receive rewards. After receiving rewards for a search, Swagbucks generally does not reward another search for a few hours. I generally receive about two rewards per day, searching in the morning and searching in the evening.

Start earning today with Swagbucks!


2. Instagc.com

Instagc.com is a GPT site known for its fast rewards program. While most other large sites require you to earn $25-$30 before requesting a payment, Instagc features a payout minimum of 100 points, or $1!

Instagc’s low payout minimum can be reached quite easily by completing the various offers and tasks on their site. You can redeem your points for a wide selection of gift cards. You can also get paid in Paypal cash, but not until you have redeemed $50 through other payment methods.

gift card store instagc

To earn with their search feature, you must first create an account. Once you have done so, navigate to Instagc.com/search/ and begin using their search engine.

It may take a few searches to begin earning points. Remember to use it as you would with a regular search engine, without spamming or entering gibberish. Click on the results.

instagc search screenshot

Every few searches will be rewarded with a random amount of points. I have received between 1 and 5 points for each rewarded search (1 point = 1 cent). However, I do find Instagc’s rewarded searches to be less frequent or predictable than you would experience with Swagbucks.

However, the low payment minimum of $1 featured by Instagc is something most GPT sites can’t beat. Their 10 point sign up bonus given to new users makes it even easier to meet this minimum. To receive your bonus and start earning, sign up by clicking the link below!

Start earning today with Instagc!


3. SendEarnings.com

SendEarnings.com is another GPT site that offers a search feature to its members.

They are similar to Swagbucks in that they have a wide variety of ways to make money through their platform. Their simple and welcoming interface makes it quite easy to navigate and make money with their platform! Also, rewards credited in cash, not points, making it even simpler to use.

After signing up to SendEarnings, you can begin searching by clicking the search option in the top menu. You will be taken to a search page that looks like this:

sendearnings search page

Unlike Swagbucks, SendEarnings.com is more predictable when it comes to search rewards. The pay, however, may be slightly lower. You will be rewarded a random amount of cash every four searches. This could be as high as 3 or 4 cents, or as low as 1 cent. If you search for four days straight, you will receive a $0.05 bonus.

SendEarnings search screenshot

Unfortunately, SendEarnings limits its users’ search earnings to $0.15 per day. Their algorithm is more forgiving than Swagbucks, but they occasionally present you with a captcha or tell you that your search was not qualified for payment if you are searching too fast or are typing gibberish.

You can request a payout for a gift card or check once you earn $30 through their platform. While this is quite high compared to most other GPT sites, you do receive a $5 sign up bonus when you sign up through a referral link. You can receive your $5 bonus and support our site by using my referral link below!

Start earning today with SendEarnings!


4. iRazoo.com

iRazoo is another site that contains more ways to earn than other GPT sites. It has an inviting, easy to use interface that makes it simple to get started. Unfortunately, however, it seems to pay less than other GPT sites, uses a confusing point system, and has a fairly unattractive referral program.

The iRazoo search engine is pretty straight forward and is similar to Swagbucks’ search engine. To access their search engine, sign up at iRazoo.com and click the search option on the left sidebar (You can use my invite code 8H4Q52 to get a free 500 points!).

irazoo search screenshot

It also rewards more searches than Swagbucks does, from my experience. Typical search rewards are around 7-10 points. This looks high, but make sure to keep in mind that six iRazoo points equal approximately 1 cent. Therefore, a general search reward earns you 1-2 cents, which isn’t much compared to Swagbucks or Instagc.

You must earn 3000 points ($5) on iRazoo to receive your payment. You can get paid in either Paypal or a gift card of your choice. If you join, remember that your account will be reset if you do not complete a task for 60 days. While this is highly inconvenient, you can avoid this if you log in and earn once in a while.

Start earning today with iRazoo!

(Use invite code 8H4Q52 for an extra 500 points!)


5. InboxDollars.com

InboxDollars.com is a sister site to SendEarnings.com. They are both owned by CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc. and have a similar interface and earning opportunities. Like SendEarnings, InboxDollars credits its users in cash rather than points.

Despite the similarity between the two, earning through the InboxDollars search engine is quite different. While InboxDollars seems to feature a greater earning potential, earnings can be somewhat more variable.

After joining InboxDollars.com, click “search” in the top menu to begin searching. You will see a similar search page to SendEarnings, but with one notable difference:

inboxdollars search page

While users are still rewarded every four searches, users will not be credited direct amounts of cash, but rather progress to the “Scratch and Win” bar on the top of the site. Users will still receive the $0.05 bonus for searching four days in a row. Once your progress reaches a cash symbol on the bar, you will be presented with a choice to either receive a random reward or to keep going in hope of an even greater reward.

scratch and win

While the maximum amounts listed on each option are generally much higher than what you will actually receive, scratch and win rewards generally still pay a decent amount. My average reward for scratch and win on InboxDollars is roughly 13 cents (My highest reward is 50 cents). If you wait till reaching the highest level on the scratch and win bar, you will receive more cash than you would by settling for the lower levels.

Other than the unique method of search rewards, InboxDollars is very similar to SendEarnings in how their search engine operates. To request your payment from their site, you must have $30 in your account. You can select a variety of gift cards or request a check to receive your payment. Like SendEarnings, you will receive a free $5 sign up bonus when you sign up under a referral. Collect your bonus and support us by signing up through the link below!

Start earning today with InboxDollars!


6. Qmee.com

Qmee.com functions in a very different fashion than the above sites. To use Qmee, you must first sign up and then install their browser extension. You can install their browser extension on most common browsers, including Firefox and Chrome.


Qmee not only rewards you for random web searches, but also suggests online deals while shopping and offers surveys for pay. While browsing the web, you will occasionally observe the Qmee sidebar pop up.

By clicking on these results, you will be granted the opportunity to receive money in your Qmee account. You may also be presented with an opportunity to get deals when shopping at online stores as well.

qmee sidebar screenshot.png

Keep in mind that while Qmee may get you some of your cash back while shopping, I suggest using cashback sites like Ebates or Swagbucks to receive greater cashback while shopping.

Start earning today with Qmee.com!


7. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards (formerly known as Bing rewards) is a program owned by Microsoft that pays people to use their services like the search engine Bing and the browser edge.

This is a great way to get extra money just for using a different browser or search engine! A single search with Bing yields you 5 points (equal to half a cent). This can get you a few extra gift cards over time.

However, they do not offer Paypal as an option to redeem your points. While Amazon and a couple other gift cards may occasionally be available to a few users, the main rewards available for selection would be a variety of sweepstakes and gift cards for the Microsoft store.

Start earning today with Microsoft Rewards!

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